Timeshare Forums

Timeshare Forums have been used by consumers for years, where timeshare owners all stick together en masse in the thousands, to protect each other from tricky evils in the Timeshare Industry.

As a community, they help protect Fundamental Rights to divest ownership with dignity, and to avoid falling victim to fraudulent misrepresentations. Although not impervious to interventions from such industry insiders, certain online communities have remained since inception, quite pure, independent, and with a definite Consumer Protection disposition, plus no resort or aftermarket industry ownership. These are mom & pop operations run by volunteers with in-depth industry knowledge. The power is in the collective mind of thousands that forms a sort of ‘brain trust’ of valuable insights.

The community we have grown to know over the years, started in 2005, and since inception has been run by volunteers. It has over 14,000 members now and excellent on-point discussion forums for all. Appropriately, the community’s name is Timeshare Forums and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to come inside, see what’s going on or even become a Free Member and start posting your questions or thoughts.

So, if you need to: (1) screen various timeshare aftermarket services before you pay any upfront money, (2) securely list timeshares for sale, or (3) build your consumer empowerment in a supportive and caring environment of fellow timeshare owners… All of these can be done the best through a reliable owner’s community like the Timeshare Forums organization at TimeshareForums.com