21 Aug 2013

Self-Help Sales — Including the site we endorse at TimeshareForums.com

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This is based upon our basic research and information from a Consumer Protection Law Firm that brings advocacy to this site. This article is for consumers who need good information about Self-Help Timeshare Sales–a sort of How to Sell a Timeshare handbook! But, we took a reduced approach in our Blog, which is a focused analysis to center-in on essentials. It should also be clear that this only applies to qualified resort timeshares.
A select group of timeshare resorts (deeds and/or points) and timeshare vacation clubs (membership and timeshare points systems) will maintain some decent cash resale value… this is excellent for timeshares, right? For those lucky ones, don’t get lost with thousands of timeshares on eBay.com that are not selling for a dollar. Instead, get empowered and if you have some value, go where the people who love timeshares are at!

If Really NeededTimeshare Resources

Timeshare Fraud Scams should be reported to Consumer Protection Agencies, like the FTC and FBISELF-HELP Timeshare Sales

Selling a timeshare for many owners is not easy; it may be impractical or impossible due to market values involved, but for some people it could be the best way to divest! For some owners, there are straightforward answers to the questions of how to sell a timeshare fast and how to sell a timeshare for less money, but it only applies to a some owners. The same rules apply to everybody, but that also means that everybody is not qualified. We’ll explore the basics on how to sell a timeshare yourself (Self-Help Timeshare sales) for no money or just a few bucks that can work for some lucky people who have 5-star or other exceptional timeshare resorts or timeshare vacation clubs, and if not, we have some clear answers on licensed professionals if you need managed assistance to get out of a timeshare.

Safe Ways to Sell a Timeshare for Free! (Luxury? Know where to find buyers)

Timeshare owners want to know How to Get out of a Timeshare (i.e. Ownership Divestment). For some owners, but certainly not all, Timeshare Divestment via the timeshare resale market (the timeshare aftermarket) is a simple and safe way to sell a timeshare. So for these owners, it’s an easy  way to get rid of a timeshare and these are totally legal ways to get out of a timeshare… If your timeshare is qualified.

How to Get Out of a Timeshare for Free! (it works for intrinsic value too!)

A great method to achieve your Timeshare Divestment is through direct marketing to real timeshare buyers found through Timeshare Forums and Timeshare User Groups. You need a buyer that is willing to assume ownership, so questions of value arise immediately. The traditional wisdom in real estate is that “Value” is determined by what a reasonable seller would ask, and what price a reasonable buyer would pay. There is a twist in real estate, because each property can be highly unique, and thus the “value” may go up if the purchaser’s desire for that individual piece of the Earth is worth more to them for some intrinsic reason. However, even if the timeshare is a deeded timeshare, the question of how to sell a deeded timeshare is very close to how to sell timeshare points, in that, both of the forms of timeshare ownership are not highly unique. For example there may be hundreds of similar units at the same resort, and each one of those units has 52 weeks in the year or all 52 weeks if they are all-year floating weeks. So the level of uniqueness in this particular form of real estate, is far less than a traditional home or piece of land that in some cases that is singularly unique in the world.

If beauty is only in the eye of the buyer, then you probably need access to someone who collects timeshares, and may just find yours unique to their needs. So being lost online with thousands is one thing, but you may want to target your approach to people who really love timeshares, and people who will pay you money for your timeshare, or at least people who will take your timeshare for free (either way, they assume timeshare ownership and fees).

How to Find a Timeshare Buyer

Don’t get Lost in an Ocean of $1.00 listings that are similar all over the internet. And avoid worse harm occurs if you pay a con-artist for deceitful “illusions”  that your timeshare is worth many thousands of dollars, because false promises don’t make you any money, and can cost you thousands in fraud.

Unscrupulous timeshare listing companies will invent buyers offering BIG money. These false promises are not discovered until later when it becomes clear that THERE NEVER WAS ANY BUYERS. Volumes of Consumer Reports show evidence of mass abuses to Consumers losing between $500–$2000, with some Consumers further reporting, especially the Elderly, that they were victimized by hybrid Fraud Scams for $5000 or more. In an upcoming Alert we’ll show you exactly what they are doing to steal millions from consumers with NO REFUNDS.

Thus, a Self-Directed Seller (Self-Help for timeshare owners, or more precisely, Self-Help to Sell a Timeshare) must ensure that you provide the key ingredient of bona fide Buyers. There are 2 basic answers on how to get timeshare buyers that are legitimate. One is to use your sphere of influence. This could be anyone you know that could use a timeshare through your own Personal Networking, assuming they are the sort of people that want to buy a timeshare to begin with. The second safe & secure method to sell your timeshare is to go were the timeshare owners are.


Timeshare Forums is endorsed by this Timeshare Consumer Advocacy Website

Timeshare Sellers,
Set your Scopes for,
REAL Timeshare Buyers!

Here’s a HUGE Supply–many thousands strong–of “REAL” Timeshare Buyers, without making the mistake of falling for invented, nonexistent buyers in “paid” listings. These resources are free! (or nearly free: $15), and perhaps most importantly these 2 vast groups of Members are almost exclusively made up of Timeshare Owners. Many of them Love their Timeshares! Use them a ton! And some Want More!

The mechanism for timeshare owners to trade or legitimately sell a given timeshare that was just too much for them at that point of their life, started in many organic fashions predominantly in the Flagship Timeshare Owner Forums, and this still continues to this day. This is for people that have a timeshare which may have some residual value, or at least a good reason to see if there are any timeshare lovers who would place intrinsic value upon it. So if you want to sell a timeshare for money or even give a timeshare away, then keep reading (P.S. our upcoming Blog shall debunk the myth of why you can’t Donate a Timeshare for money, despite many faulty claims (exposed by the IRS, AARP and other Consumer Advocates) to donate your timeshare with tax incentives to make money after the sale—all bunk!).

Timeshare Forum and User Groups provide an environment for discussion between literally tens of thousands of timeshare owners at all different stages of the timeshare ownership process: from on the way in, to on the way out. The evolution of timeshare postings by TimeshareForums.com and TUG2.net, where these popular sites provided safe & secure access for owners to have a marketplace that was totally independent of a deplorable unlicensed Listing Industry, and thereby protect their Members from deceit and financial losses. So “Timeshare Listings” in the Owner’s online world of Flagship Forums and User Groups found a ready-fit Consumer Protection Tool for those in the know (members and lucky friends they told). Now you know too.

If it is in any way possible under your exact circumstances, these sites are great places to start, but be realistic—please see what your exact timeshare has sold for (not asking prices, but actual sold comparables) on popular resale websites like Redweek.com (provided by people related to the timeshare industry) and vast data from eBay.com (NON-industry related sales site). Know the real numbers. If you can sell your timeshare through these Timeshare Forum and User Group websites, then this is the least expensive and best way to go, but you do have to provide some effort to get the job done. Unfortunately, some of the potential purchasers might be impersonators from the aftermarket industry looking to steal your money. One safe plan is making the buyer pay you upfront, because anybody who asks you for upfront money could just be a timeshare aftermarket bandit hiding out.

If you want, you can hTimeshare Fraud Scams are handled by our Timeshare Attorneysave a Lawyer screen all this activity and essentially help you sell your timeshare making sure potential purchasers are legitimate and the associated contracts and deeds, etc. are all legally compliant. This sort of service is provided by Consumer Protection Attorneys and most people find it quite a comfort, not to mention a highly skilled professional with legal expertise at a modest consumer-friendly fee.

We hope this educational piece helped you get in line with the BIG PICTURE of CONSUMER RIGHTS and has helped to Empower You!

REMEMBER: The Consumer Protectorate World…  Government Specialists at the FTC & AGs…

Make it very Clear to beware of unlicensed Listing Companies, so it might be wise to listen to Consumer Protection Attorneys who uniquely appreciate safe consumer community websites. And in any event, be cautious of Timeshare companies and check with State Attorney General and/or the Attorney General from the state that the listing company is located in, or research information on listing companies generally, with the FTC. And one easy and surefire step is to see if the listing company has a D or F rating with the BBB, because why would you do business with any company, especially someone involved in the timeshare aftermarket industry, who has a D or F reliability rating with the BBB. Do these steps first, before you lose your hard earned money.

Frequently people ask, what if I find out that my timeshare is absolutely valueless? If there are hundreds of similar ones on eBay and other popular websites that have not sold for one dollar, then maybe the even the forums’ concentration in timeshare lovers will still not be enough. In that case it’s clear that you should follow the experts advisement and obtain someone to perform your timeshare divestment who is knowledgeable in the law. It might also be useful to have a consumer lawyer that has established a successful track record in negotiations with multimillion and billion-dollar timeshare resorts. For this, you should trust the experts and seek the assistance of a service that exclusively uses competent Timeshare Lawyers who are committed to securing your consumer timeshare divestment at a consumer-friendly flat-rate fee.

Upcoming Alerts & Advisories:

Learn exactly what timeshare aftermarket bandits are doing to steal millions from the unsuspecting consumers; NO REFUNDS—don’t be the next victim!

Donate a Timeshare for money?? Donate your timeshare for tax incentives??? Find out how regulators and consumer advocates like AARP debunk this scheme!

Please give your Consumer Whistleblower complaints at the Safe Zone for transparent consumer information with our motto:
Timeshare Owners Be Safe! – go to the timeshare owner’s Consumer Reports page at TCPAA.org


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