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Can you Sell a Timeshare for Cash! Well, it’s rare, but it is true that some people NEVER PAY A PENNY to get out of a timeshare, and instead just get a fat check (or some money at least).  It doesn’t matter whether you pay $15 or it’s absolutely free, these resources are pretty much complimentary, and you should NEVER pay thousands in upfront fees (as a seller in a bona-fide transaction you get a check). If you play this right and the need is a match, you can get a check. But, your timeshare has to have some value or some intrinsic value to a HUGE audience of voracious and avid timeshare consumers. These represent wholly legitimate listing sources that has the industry’s highest ratio of bona-fide timeshare owners/buyers on the Internet, or if you need a fully managed, contingent fee divestment through a consumer protection attorney…

The answers for an affordable, safe and legal timeshare divestment–whether you use self help or sell a timeshare though a precisely selected specialized licensed real estate broker, or you cancel a timeshare mortgage with a timeshare attorney.

Timeshare owners may obtain a complimentary copy of the:
“Consumer Protection Guidebook to Timeshare Divestment”
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