Free Self-Help Solutions

There are two methods identified in the Consumer Guidebook that are known to be safe, secure and absolutely FREE ways to get out of a Timeshare. Even still, these don’t work for everybody, depending on their patience and desired level of involvement. But, everybody who owns a timeshare should get the transparent information on the “How-To” self-help, as well as other safe & secure low-cost methods, plus Consumer Protection secrets that every timeshare owner should know!

Learn about safe and legal methods of timeshare divestment. Learn about Self Help and ways to sell a timeshare or cancel a timeshare contract with the resort and a timeshare attorney. So, Get the facts that every timeshare owner needs to know in this Timeshare Divestment Survival Guide.

Timeshare owners may obtain a complimentary copy of the:
“Consumer Protection Guidebook to Timeshare Divestment”
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