Mission Statement

Millions of Consumers Own Timeshares, to get out they pay up to $5000
Many pay thousands for Fraud-Scams, but Owners still can’t get out


THUS, we are on a …
Consumer Driven Mission
Information & Tools that every timeshare owner should have


tcpaa.org implements this mission through the provision of Consumer Protection Alerts and Advisories that are complimentary to consumer timeshare owners requiring useful Consumer Resource Information when seeking to divest from a timeshare interest.

We’re of the fundamental belief that Consumers want, need and greatly appreciate transparent information… and that by providing such Transparent Information through Consumer Alerts and Advisories, timeshare owners become knowledgeable and empowered.

Thus, our objective is to provide consumer protection resources as the Key to unlock consumer empowerment. By providing a pure resource, Consumers can make Informed Decisions concerning their timeshare divestments. Therefore, transparent and useful Consumer Protection “Information” is the Key To Consumer Empowerment!