Listing a Timeshare

Listings – Consumer Protection information: FRAUD & deceit are rampant, especially Senior abuse. For some, Real Buyers can be Found – Get the hard facts and free listing solutions to test the market. But, NEVER pay an upfront fee, as the reasons shall become self-evident throughout the course of this Alert.

For almost all timeshare owners today, the answer when it comes to listing your timeshare for sale (with 2 notable exceptions that have buyer pools) is pretty much the exact opposite of the popular Nike® catchy advertising phrase: “just” DON’T “do it!”

Critical Consumer Advisories FTC, Attorney Generals and Consumer Advocate Suze Orman


Though there are exceptions (recalling exclusive Swiss Alps resorts and other noteworthy true 5 star exceptions bucking the General Rule), in the online world almost every Timeshare is not even worth a mere $1.00. And paying someone to sell something (i.e. a Listing) that’s worth nothing, is about as productive as throwing your money away. Both of them will lose your money… And neither of them will sell your timeshare.

If you’re an “Owner” needing a sale… You need a buyer, so value is the chief concern. As with anything in your life that involves finances (timeshare ownership certainly does), you need open & transparent info. The Key that unlocks Empowerment is Knowledge. So don’t rely upon ‘the Ostrich Approach’ because it’s better to go to eBay if there is an easy, yet truthful, Reality Check available.

The most common Red Flag for corrupt elements of the Listing Industry is when they charge an “Upfront Fee” that is for a ‘fictional’ task (selling your timeshare). These Listors know they won’t need to make the sale, if they even exist at all with all the frauds out there. Many have never even sold “1” timeshare, excepting sham sales used for marketing purposes. There are totally clear reasons for this:

  • There are a THOUSANDS of Timeshares on that have NOT sold… even for $1.00
  • $20-$30,000 or even a $100K paid for a Million ‘Points’ and still NOT selling… even for $1.00

Unless you have a justifiable benefit, buying any debt mechanism into perpetuity is financially unsound. For those who use their timeshares year-to-year, there may be a “use value” particular to that individual, and thus valuable to that person. But savvy online Consumers today, are also Value-Savvy travelers who:

rationally compare the going rate—offered daily to any & all Consumers—and see they may pay a only a little more or less for the exact same resort on (you may want to check yours), or other travel sites, including some exceptional deals and other offerings on backdoor sites that we can point you to.

Beauty is strictly within the eye of the beholder (as is the value of ownership). When Consumers can find easy ways to book vacations online and save money over the typical yearly maintenance fees—and not be bound to eternal usage—there is little economic rationale to compel them to assume ownership. HOWEVER, Listing companies still defraud Timeshare Sellers by saying they have tons of buyers waiting for your specific timeshare [just fill in the blank because it’s all of them], even though they know the same units at the same resort are a valueless debt mechanisms that can’t even sell online for a $1.00, yet yours are somehow worth the $5,000 or $10,000 [or whatever you want… it makes no difference to them] because [fill in the lies] your timeshare is “Special” and “HOT” right now!

Given the sharp rise in Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments documented in 2009–2013, coupled with a virtually nonexistent resale market, Frauds took advantage of weary Consumers. Faced with rising fees, Scammers exploited the fact that Timeshare Owners could not find a legitimate marketplace to divest.

Known Listing exceptions that have non-industry ownership and
systematic access to legitimate Timeshare Buyer Pools

One is Free; the other one costs only $15

Both are vetted by Consumer Protection Advocates, and both are Timeshare Owner User Groups/Forums
(people who still buy & use timeshares)

Critical Consumer Advisories FTC, Attorney Generals and Consumer Advocate Suze Orman