Lawyer Involvement


These Consumer Protectorates are enforcing laws against Criminals for stealing millions in the timeshare aftermarket…

Consumers are facing an alarming fraud rate in the aftermarket trying to LEGALLY free themselves from a timeshare…

And the FTC, AGs, the FBI and the DOJ are raising Awareness

Please trust that the experts are right, because the timeshare aftermarket is extremely precarious.

Why would anyone trust telemarketers or salespersons—who are often former Timeshare Reps—with Upfront Fees??

In legal matters like timeshare divestment, and pretty much anytime you’re dealing with timeshares, it’s a good idea to have an Attorney involved. When you are dealing with important Legal Documents, your Legal Rights and the arguing of your case to seek a settlement, we all know that you should have the expertise of good Lawyers who are on your side.

So protect your rights and interests by having your Hometown Lawyer screen the process for you to find a Law Firm with attorney-client representation that your Attorney has cleared as a competent and safe option.

The Founders of this site are Consumer Protection Attorneys and we advise the firm at the bottom of every page herein because we know its shark infested waters out there, with precious few exceptions.

Compare such factors as:
1)  Industry Experience
2)  Specific Expertise
3)  Fixed Flat Rates
4) Published Cost

It’s always a good idea to have a skilled Attorney to reign in Multimillion & Billion-Dollar Resorts. If either you, or your Lawyer require rapid answers concerning your specific timeshare divestment objectives, call us to schedule a complimentary and consultative evaluation of your case, and if you become a Client, all case work is done Exclusively by Consumer Attorneys. We can discuss your legal options for client representation in an open light (we are the founders and contributors to this advocacy site–as listed at the bottom of the many pages of this website) and Founding Firm will be happy to consult with your Lawyer.