Government Consumer Protectorates Advisement

DON’T List It! Here are the reasons ‘why’ given by the FTC and Attorney Generals…

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Attorney Generals (probably including your state’s AG) have tried to make the real facts about Listings extremely clear to the Consumer Public (i.e. the likelihood of victimization). The lack of Timeshare Market Liquidity is the overriding concern:

Notably, the FTC codified this Timeshare Divestment Crisis,
Citing that only 3.3% of timeshare owners reported selling their Timeshares in a 20-year period
{Scams exploit this liquidity crisis with false promises of value} (timeshare NOT selling for $1.00 on – get transparent evidence).

Even the Florida Attorney General’s Report (where more timeshares exist than anywhere else in the world) was very strongly opposed to Listing Scams that are used to take advantage of Consumers in this timeshare divestment crisis. Attorney General Bill McCollum of Florida warned Consumers: “Remember that once you buy it, you may not be able to sell it due to a depressed resale market.” This vacuous need opened the door to unscrupulous claims of [invented] Buyers just waiting for your timeshare to hit the market. AG McCollum bluntly stated to be “skeptical of these types of claims,” warning Consumers to, “remember the timeshare market is not “hot” and it is unlikely that there is a buyer ready and willing to buy your timeshare” (original emphasis). The successor Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi endorsed and reprinted the same stern Advisory to Timeshare Owners.

If You are even considering a Listing Company…
You should check your state’s Attorney General to get more information and browse the FTC website and other AG links by searching under the term “timeshare listing” at Official Governmental Sites. Be leery of any anonymous posts or questionably-sourced information on the Internet—it may ‘look’ like an official website they bring you to, but without knowing the trusted source of the link you clicked, you may find yourself in a well-crafted Fraud World of extremely deceitful Cyber Con-Artists.

Consumer Advocate Suze Orman has had perhaps the most insightful analysis for Consumers to date. Ms. Orman sees the true problem and squarely confronts it. When asked by an Owner how to get out of a Timeshare with escalating fees that had become quite a burden… Orman identified the underlying Legal Issues with precision Laser Focus:

The most important advice to Timeshare Owners is “do not to pay any company an upfront fee”
[these are often scams; you pay money and nothing happens]

Because markets are flooded she states “it’s a long shot that any resort is willing to work with you”
[especially with so many people looking to get out and huge amounts of foreclosure inventory]

As hard as it is to spend more money, “get a solid Lawyer experienced in dealing with timeshares”
[Orman advises this because getting a Lawyer is going to be a “good investment for the consumer”]

And as so many protectorates have advocated both in articles, and on TV as Suze Orman has done:
THE RULE: Timeshare Owners should ONLY use a Licensed Attorney to get out of their Timeshare {Link is to founder of this site, but verify with your hometown attorney} 

“Good Looking” or “Bricks & Mortar” real estate companies, may make you feel “assured” – Don’t be fooled: Listing an ‘unwanted’ timeshare into eternity (even for free) will really only “assure” 1 thing: a lifelong commitment to paying fees. Honestly assess the use-benefit value—only you know if it’s in your best interest to divest, then do it a safe way.

Check the bottom of this link page, it’s a great consumer protection resource link to a Timeshare Sales infograph (link in the bottom right corner on the Infograph) .  It provides transparent, protectorate information in many area relevant to timeshares including this recognized website check for: Licensed Real Estate Agent Verification