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Your contribution of Consumer Reports of your experiences with timeshare fraud-scams schemes can help. Help protect consumers from abuses we uncovered in the Timeshare Aftermarket Industry (see bottom). Consumers looking to divest out of their timeshare must confront fraud and deceit that pervade the marketplace, so what consumers require is transparent information to avoid some of the most prevalent and harmful aftermarket timeshare fraud. You can be a self-appointed anti-fraud Consumer Watchdog, and your information may be joined with other Consumer Reports for potential or pending government regulatory and enforcement actions and /or class action litigation, as well as amassing common players and similar fact patterns that are emerging or under investigations.

Accordingly, please use our Consumer Reports Network, and know that consumer protectorates of the public and private sector, along with countless consumers, may someday be impacted by your selfless contribution.

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Consumer Anti-Fraud Watchdogs
Consumers participating as Anti-Fraud Watchdogs, please note one prevalent pattern to watch for will involve large groups of ‘name-changing’ companies that have never really moved any timeshares (don’t get fooled by contrived sales used for marketing purposes… even these may be totally invented). Other companies may not be outright planned frauds by design, but they may still be in over their head. Whether the outfit is a fraud by design, or a scam caused by ineptitude, the result remains the same if they can’t sell a timeshare or get anybody out of a timeshare… and as always refunds are refused.
Please Note: “Aftermarket” Industry
These are Consumer Reports of “Aftermarket” timeshare companies that are involved with disreputable and/or fraudulent acts against Consumers. The dangers of the Aftermarket Timeshare Industry include everything from Listing Scams, to Fraudulent Transfers, to “Exit Companies” These Consumer Reports are NOT for reporting initial sales, maintenance or operational issues regarding resorts. Consumers who already own a timeshare require these protections to divest timeshares securely.                                                                              This is part of our organizational Mission.