Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL – Criminal – Gross Misdemeanor) Attorney Impersonation and falsely claimed relationships with Attorneys

Attorney Impersonations in Transfers, Listings and any number of fraudulent schemes have hit epidemic proportions in troubled timeshare aftermarket industry. They exist everywhere from telemarketing to the US Mail & email, and Online through deceiving websites and the recent proliferation of sidebar advertisements found popular search engines. False claims typically state that a lawyer is involved. They use this to fraudulently induce consumers who are looking for dependability factors like: (1) the safety of competent legal expertise (2) the security of state-regulated trust fund account, and (3) the professional responsibilities owed to Clients that is unique to Licensed Attorneys. But with Impersonating non-lawyers, nothing could be further from the truth.

Impersonators try to deceive consumers into believing they are legitimate (i.e. lawyers or backed by lawyers). Don’t believe their stories; if they are ultimately willing to commit a many Gross Misdemeanors, each depending on the jurisdiction may be punishable by up to 2 years in prison per UPL event (Unauthorized Practice of Law), then crafting One More Lie to create a false & deceitful inducement is hardly a concern in their World of Crime.

  ** Consumer-Safe Verification Method **  There is a safe and reliable way to verify that you are talking to a Real Licensed Attorney: Place a Call or go Online to the claimed attorney’s state bar association and check them out very thoroughly. Be sure to independently get the Lawyer’s phone number through the Bar Association’s staff or visit their official website.

If the Bar Association has a real Attorney with that “name” in that state… that’s a good start…
 Obtain the Attorney’s phone number and information directly from the State Bar Association.  State Bar Associations may also have accessible disclosures of any bar complaints, including formal disciplinary sanctions about the lawyer in question. Once you have the verified information independently from the attorney’s State Bar Association, you have confirmed the information was actually from that individual attorney.  And please use your own attorney too, because it’s recommended that you contact your personal attorney if you need help with all of this.  Making direct contact at the phone number or address provided by the Bar Association is a safe & reliable means to verify that you have a real Lawyer.   

See our Blogs on the aftermarket timeshare scams. Please give us Whistle Blower facts about Fraud in the timeshare aftermarket industry, then please go to our Consumer Reports Network and file an informational report to help identify potential Red Flags for Consumers and perhaps to assist for the public interest of all consumers.

Timeshare owners looking for Consumer Protection Attorneys to perform their timeshare divestment can to request a Specific On-Point answer to your divestment question with a One-Time Email Update.