The Double Dip Scam: Rosalie A. Story

The Rosalie A. Story
the ‘Double Dip’ Scam

Joe Versus The Volcano (Tom Hanks) was like a walk in the park compared to a tenacious family Grand-Matron named “Rosalie” who fought a raging Mega-Volcano— with a PEN as her Sword!

Don’t get between a Mom and her Kids (even if they are adult children now) because you may just meet Rosalie, a gentle and polite lady, but possessing a Veracious Inner-Strength to protect her family. The Rosalie A. Story reveals the after-market industry’s sad state of affairs, and the degree of subterfuge confronting consumers everyday, as is revealed through a predatory Double-Dip scam. Rosalie and her husband Len went to some sort of meeting to dump their timeshare. It was mass confusion and they ended up paying money to get out… only to discover later that the nightmare had essentially doubled. Because of some fast paperwork they actually now owned 2 timeshares, and had 2 timeshares worth of debt liability—and that was Rosalie’s whole point to begin with—to sell the timeshare to avoid Auto-Inheritance contract clauses (very common) that would negatively impact her family someday.

Little ‘ol Rosalie
and the
Multi-Billion Dollar Mega-Giant

She was trying to convince a Mega-Resort that lil ‘ol Rosalie didn’t even own 1 timeshare (she had honestly thought), and CERTAINLY SHE DID NOT OWN 2 TIMESHARES… or did she? The moral to the story is: Good things should happen to Good People. Rosalie’s letter shows a writer with a passion that really loves her family.

Her plea was heard! A consumer protection cause fighter (an undefeated trail lawyer) takes on her case Pro Bono. After investigations and disclosure of an absent true offender, it became obvious that only the resort’s cooperation could provide rapid relief for Rosalie.

Could a Billion Dollar resort somehow simply decide to just relieve Rosalie’s pain to preempt a complex mission?

In the end, it was the cooperative assistance of a mega-resort that provided relief for Rosalie… and that meant that the mighty PEN of Rosalie had sent a message that was heard loudly. Thankfully, respectable compassion couldn’t have found a more worthy soul. And Rosalie, well she FINALLY achieved her promise to protect her family!

Another point to this story is that unless you have a free cause fighter lawyer handy, you will probably have to pay someone to get out of most every timeshare whether it’s deeded or not. If the value on is a negative value (not selling for a $1.00), you have the answer. But the bigger picture is how to get out Legally.

The Rosalie A. Story Lesson –
The only Double Dip that’s yummy is Ice Cream!

Consumer Reminder: Beware of any scheme that says you will get money by owning ‘points’ or a second timeshare (even if it’s for a short time… that could be a Lifetime). For Rosalie now, a Double Dip is all about yummy ice cream!.