Multiple Company Con-Scheme

Consumers Victimized Multiple Times (particularly the Elderly) for Thousand$

War Stories abound in the aftermath of a Multiple-Company Confidence Scheme
Tragically, many of the victims are Seniors that are in fact Veterans of service to our country from World War II, Korea and Vietnam, or the surviving wives of these Veterans. Consumer Reports have shown that it is common for several thousand in losses to these Multiple-Company Scams, and on the high end, $8,000 to $10,000 for hybrids combined with other schemes.

The Scam Specifics
The pattern is to “re-Hit” the same Consumer over-and-over again. They use a different caller from what looks like a different company in a different state and area code (as it “appears” on the caller ID). This new salesperson claims to be from a ‘different’ company… only a mere cubical, or so, away in a High Pressure Phone Sales Sweat-Shop.

Because they are really the same company…
They already know all your possible objections from the hours spent on the phone by previous sales representatives (usually under different DBA company names). They offer a new type of service or a new angle using all the prior information they have compiled about you and your specific timeshare.

But, Since you don’t know they are ALL the same company…
When they “close” their sales pitch on the unsuspecting consumer (i.e. get them give them money… their entire objective), they end up sounding like they have CIA intelligence capabilities within the timeshare industry to know all your specifics, and perhaps even intuitive abilities that may offer deceptive comfort to people being bombarded by tons of vague timeshare scams in the mail and online. Given that they are the first ones (so you think) to solve your many sub-issues, your guard may justifiably be down. Their verbal representations solve everything, EXCEPT the late insertion of an Upfront Fee using a different name to disguise it, and there is always iron-clad reasons [that they have craftily invented] why this sort of fee must be paid now: the ENTIRE End Game.

The Multiple Company Scam Re-Hits Consumers
The “new” company Magically Provides Everything You Need and you had tried to tell the others you wanted… but this new twist, like the others, always makes you pay the money NOW! Sometimes they invent a reason why they have buyers for your particularly “hot” timeshare, BUT to work you MUST ACT NOW! Beware that these Con-Artists use tactics that always sound just good enough to take another chance… and another… and?

Multiple-Name scams frequently evade detection
These Multiple-Company Fraud Schemes exploit vulnerable Consumers who do not know the person on the phone is privy to a compilation of conversations and data collected from one or more salespersons in the past. The pitches are at times very sophisticated. Consumer Reminder: inbound calls for products or services should always be subject to strict scrutiny and skepticism, and timeshare related pitches should be subject to even more than most industries. Consumers should really beware that the “new” call may not really be a “new” company.

The Worst of the Worst
These are bottom of the barrel scum that cling on to society’s most vulnerable for exploitation, as they perpetuate multiple frauds on: Dementia and Alzheimer’s memory care patients… and these Con-Artists also use these tricks to gain confidence of ANY age victim through pre-known social, political, religious and other preferences. They formulate sophisticated Covert Assaults using sensitive information revealed to what you thought was someone you’d never talk to again (a prior sales rep.). Consumers Reports often recount a ‘Savior-like phenomena‘ that involves a gambit of ‘psychic-like powers’ that seem to provide all the right answers and great intuition. The most Vulnerable Consumers get “Re-Hit” multiple times because the trust-factor is ever-increasing as they get to know more about the person’s wants, needs and desires, which these Worst of the Worst ruthlessly exploit.