Timeshare Litigation — The Dozen Worst

Consumer Protection Attorneys Cancel Timeshare Contracts for No Upfront Fees BUT When Resorts Resist, then nationwide at The Abrams Firm lawyers file Multiparty Actions (Litigation) vs. Resorts to secure Consumer Justice!

Westgate, Bluegreen, Hilton, ResortCom/The Villa Group, Holiday Inn/Orange Lake/Silverleaf, Berkley Group/Eldorado/Vacation Village/Lando Resorts

Resort Litigation:  $1500 (total litigation cost)  Call: (360) 918-8196

Currently in the process of mass litigation against the “the  Dozen” who are the 12 worst resort entities for Consumer Rights in refusing to honor highly worthy cases for Divestment with Testimony  and Evidence presented by the leading Consumer Protection Attorney law firm. Now they shall face the great leveler of Consumer Justice!  Sound-minded Juries & Judges of impartial, pure judgment (many miles away from Orlando/Orange Co. Florida), shall hear hundreds of victims speak the same truths (Bait & Switch Fraud Schemes).

It is the worst fraud schemes we put on Trial… but we can’t help that, we must show them in a True Light