The Blind Eye of Compassion in Timeshares

With the holidays upon us, the best in human compassion tends to shine through.  People are more inclined to lend a helping hand and do what they can for others in need.  It is a time of kindness, togetherness, gratitude, and empathy. A while back, we wrote about the role of human compassion in the.. read more →

The Timeshare Industry’s “Dirty Dozen” and The Tactics Used to Victimize Owners

Initially the timeshare sales contract was intended to be a document whereby a willing consumer could purchase time at a vacation resort for enjoyment and relaxation.  As time passed, however, more and more consumers realized their purchased timeshares held little to no value and the associated fees far outweighed any of the supposed benefits of.. read more →

In The Midst of Changing Times, The Timeshare Lawsuit Pushes Back

The timeshare industry is changing.  With the sudden flood of timeshare cancellation companies on the market, more and more unhappy timeshare owners are seeking ways to escape the financial burdens associated with vacation ownership.  The rising dissatisfaction has led timeshare companies to revamp their industry.  Not long ago, we wrote about the sudden resistance from.. read more →

Timeshare Fraud Attorney – Timeshare Divestment Lawyer – Timeshare Consumer Protection Attorney: Timeshare Scam Prevention

Maybe you have a Wyndham Timeshare, a Diamond Timeshare, or a Westgate Timeshare; or maybe you own a Sheratan / Starwood Timeshare, a Hilton Timeshare or a Marriot or other Flagship Timeshare, and everything is all right… But the “Dream” can be a nightmare for victimized consumers that were tricked by Timeshare Fraud. Our Archives:.. read more →

Self-Help Sales — Including the site we endorse at

This is based upon our basic research and information from a Consumer Protection Law Firm that brings advocacy to this site. This article is for consumers who need good information about Self-Help Timeshare Sales–a sort of How to Sell a Timeshare handbook! But, we took a reduced approach in our Blog, which is a focused.. read more →