Federal District Court Judge Rules Against Timeshare Exit Firm

“Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates” and “Reed Hein” “The Timeshare Exit Team” A federal judge in Florida recently ruled against a timeshare exit firm and company finding that their practices of collecting large upfront fees from timeshare owners and then not delivering on the promised service of getting the owners out of their timeshare obligation.. read more →

What to watch out for…when dealing with timeshare exit companies

You’ve just signed up for a timeshare or had one for years and now decide you want to get out of a timeshare agreement for multiple reasons – you were pressured into it, you did not realize that your children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren were going to be liable for the unpaid mortgage or maintenance fees, the yearly fees.. read more →

Repeat Offenders in The Timeshare Resale Scam Market

For years, we’ve warned about scam artists who target the timeshare resale market.  Owners who no longer want their timeshares look to escape the never ending cycle of high maintenance fees and special assessments, only to find that the resale market is scarce.  When owners discover the timeshare they purchased as an “investment” actually holds.. read more →

The Dirty Dozen: Holiday Inn, Orange Lake, & Silverleaf – The Silverleaf Merger

Next on our list of the Timeshare Industry’s Worst Divestment Performers and a member of “The Dirty Dozen,” is the Holiday Inn—Orange Lake—Silverleaf trio of resorts. Once a privately held company out of Texas, Silverleaf grew into its own right as a multi-million multistate resort. At that time, Silverleaf operated a consumer-oriented business selling timeshares... read more →

Timeshare Divestment Ratings

With so much negative publicity on timeshare resorts and the hype surrounding certain resorts that refuse to negotiate or cancel burdensome and unwanted timeshares, we decided to take a look at the other side. There are resorts who understand that some timeshare owners face personal hardships, changed circumstances, or simply cannot handle the financial burdens.. read more →

The Cold Hard Truth About Donating a Timeshare

It’s tax season again and the time of year that many disgruntled timeshare owners begin to wonder about donating their unwanted timeshares. Several years ago, a few different organizations started investigating the donation process and uncovered many hidden costs associated with timeshare “donations,” in additional to a slew of related scams, and a host of.. read more →

Tips to Avoid Timeshare Fraud

We all hope to avoid becoming the target of fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.  Thanks to recent consumer protection regulations, many consumers now have the confidence to shop freely, but the protections only go so far.  Recent consumer reports and allegations show that U.S. Timeshare Companies such as Hilton, Holiday Inn (Orange Lake and Silverleaf), BlueGreen.. read more →

The Dirty Dozen: BlueGreen Vacations

We continue with our examination of deceptive timeshare practices by looking at another industry giant, BlueGreen Vacations.  As one of the Timeshare Industry’s Worst Divestment Performers” and a member of “The Dirty Dozen,” BlueGreen is the subject of many consumer complaints in the timeshare industry. With a number of resorts in domestic destinations, BlueGreen’s portfolio.. read more →

The Dirty Dozen: Westgate Resorts

Over the past few months, we have begun exposing the sudden resistance of Timeshare Companies to release unhappy timeshare owners from purchase contracts based on fraud and deception.  With the growth of suits filed by the Big Bad Timeshare Industry against “easy out” timeshare cancellation companies, we wanted to delve further into the alleged practices.. read more →

Beware: The Carefully Crafted Timeshare Sales Pitch

With families feeling the vacation itch, timeshare buying season is just around the corner. Resorts know the best way to entice prospective timeshare buyers into pulling the vacation ownership trigger is to catch them on holiday, when the effects of sun and sand have made everyone’s wallets a little looser. Offering incentives like free tours,.. read more →

This Year, Resolve to Fight Back Against Deceptive Timeshare Practices

A new year brings new resolutions.  We enjoy the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh opportunity to be our best selves.  Some people resolve to work harder, some to lose weight, some to quit bad habits.  With all these positive choices, why not add cancel your unwanted timeshare to the list?.. read more →

The Blind Eye of Compassion in Timeshares

With the holidays upon us, the best in human compassion tends to shine through.  People are more inclined to lend a helping hand and do what they can for others in need.  It is a time of kindness, togetherness, gratitude, and empathy. A while back, we wrote about the role of human compassion in the.. read more →

The Timeshare Industry’s “Dirty Dozen” and The Tactics Used to Victimize Owners

Initially the timeshare sales contract was intended to be a document whereby a willing consumer could purchase time at a vacation resort for enjoyment and relaxation.  As time passed, however, more and more consumers realized their purchased timeshares held little to no value and the associated fees far outweighed any of the supposed benefits of.. read more →

In The Midst of Changing Times, The Timeshare Lawsuit Pushes Back

The timeshare industry is changing.  With the sudden flood of timeshare cancellation companies on the market, more and more unhappy timeshare owners are seeking ways to escape the financial burdens associated with vacation ownership.  The rising dissatisfaction has led timeshare companies to revamp their industry.  Not long ago, we wrote about the sudden resistance from.. read more →

Timeshare Fraud Attorney – Timeshare Divestment Lawyer – Timeshare Consumer Protection Attorney: Timeshare Scam Prevention

Maybe you have a Wyndham Timeshare, a Diamond Timeshare, or a Westgate Timeshare; or maybe you own a Sheratan / Starwood Timeshare, a Hilton Timeshare or a Marriot or other Flagship Timeshare, and everything is all right… But the “Dream” can be a nightmare for victimized consumers that were tricked by Timeshare Fraud. Our Archives:.. read more →