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August 2017 There is a pending Consumer ALERT + ADVISORY

ANTI – Consumer Rights practices & acts over a sustained period have prompted an Advisory against seeking Divestment by settlement.

Owners seeking divestment through Consumer Protection Attorneys at The Abrams Firm are advised to join in Multi-Party actions (Litigation) against WESTGATE et. al seeking full damages.

Litigation, Multi-Party Actions are now available for Victims of Fraud & Deceit with allegations of Fraudulent Inducements (Bait & Switch) and/or Predatory or Abusive acts, some alleged as criminal in nature, all to be used to raise and support specified Fraud, other Tort and/or Statutory claims against the Defendant Resort.

Contact: The Abrams Firm  360-918-8196

*This website shall update when plaintiff pools are set and closed for each venue

General Information

website: westgateresorts.com
twitter: @WestgateResorts
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phone: 407-351-3350

Office Location

5601 Windhover Drive Orlando, FL 32819


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Complaint History

Ripoff Report: Yes
Pissed Consumer: Yes
Complaints Board: Yes


  • Painted Mountain Golf Resort 
  • Westgate Daytona Beach 
  • Westgate Towers
  • Westgate Town Center 
  • Westgate Vacation Villas
  • Westgate Blue Tree Resort 
  • Westgate at South Beach 
  • The Reserve at Westgate Lakes 
  • Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa
  • Westgate Leisure Resort 
  • Westgate Palace
  • Westgate River Ranch 
  • Westgate Miami Beach 
  • Tunica Resort 
  • Westgate Branson Woods Resort
  • Westgate Branson Lakes 
  • Westgate Flamingo Bay 
  • Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort
  • Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort at Gatlinburg 
  • Westgate Park City Resort & Spa
  • Westgate Historic Williamsburg