Escapes! (previously known as CooperShare Resorts) offers vacation getaways in the Mid-South of the United States.

With communities close to attractions such as national parks and world-class entertainment, Escapes! communities are ideally located. The company makes a point to leave 20-30% of the landscape in each of the communities untouched when building in a new location, creating a living-in-the-country ambiance.

The Hot Springs Village location has been nationally recognized for its golf course, Diamante. From 1997 through 2000 Golf Digest magazine officially ranked Diamante as the number one golf course in Arkansas. Following that review, in 2009 the course as a whole was ranked the 39th most difficult course in the United States.


General Information

phone: 800-648-6401

Office Location

903 N 47th St. Rogers, Arkansas 72756


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