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El Cid VC -  ResortCom, located in Mexico, promises prospective timeshare seekers unique and beautiful properties sure to please anyone who is interested in this type of investment. Properties of all types are available through points systems or floating weeks of availability. Though the offer seems to be promising and even fulfilling, there may be more to El Cid Vacations Club than meets the eye.

There have been various reports released about El Cid Vacations Club dealing in shady terms with their timeshare customers. The offer listed is not quite what you get. In fact, you may end up with nothing at all in the long and short of it. One couple reported the fact that they were not told about certain policies which led to the cancellation of their timeshare transaction and yet they received no refund on the price. According to the representatives of El Cid Vacations Club, it was all part of Mexican law in order to protect consumers from any illegal sales transactions.

El Cid Vacations Club may seem to have a tempting, inviting offer available for you, it seems as though they have something else waiting for you under the surface. Whenever you plan on investing in any sort of timeshare, be sure and do your research first. Always read the fine print in any contract before signing your name. You can also look for the company’s rating under the Better Business Bureau which will list previous negative and positive ratings, what the problem was and whether or not it was resolved.

Though owning timeshare can be an enjoyable experience, you should always be aware of what the company you seek is offering. El Cid Vacations Club, unfortunately, does not give what they so readily offer to prospective customers so before investing in this timeshare offer, make sure you read all of the necessary contracts to keep yourself out of any deceptive deals.

General Information

website: elcidvacationsclub.com
email: memberservice@elcid.com.mx
twitter: @elcidvacationsc
phone: 866-552-7320

Office Location

Av. Camaron Sabalo S/N Apartado Mazatlan, Sinaloa 82110


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Complaint History

Ripoff Report: Yes
Pissed Consumer: Yes
Complaints Board: Yes


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