Resorts, Vacation Clubs and Exchange Companies

Timeshare Resorts, Clubs and Exchanges

Timeshare also known as “Vacation Ownership” originated in the French Alps in the 1960s. It is the process by which owners purchase a week of time at a particular resort for a particular period.

In most timeshare systems, once a person buys into the timeshare they are given a deed to a specific property or unit that entitles them to a certain number of points/credits/time-intervals that can be used for a number of nights in that resort each year. Other timeshare systems involve a “right to use” system. This entitles the purchaser the right to use the property as written in the contract, but ownership of the actual property is not included and may be lost if the controlling company goes out of business. The system also includes a trading and/or banking feature. This can be used to trade points/credits/time-intervals to be used elsewhere or banked for future use. There are many differences with each timeshare system, so always pay close attention to the contract and be sure to read all the terms of service before signing.

Below is a list of the major timeshare resort developers, travel clubs, and exchange point companies. Click on each timeshare company to see a detailed report about them.