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Timeshare Consumer Protection Alerts and Advisories Organization TCPAA.org is a timeshare advocacy website. 

We are all Consumer Protection Attorneys. This resource should provide clarity to a timeshare aftermarket riddled with deceptive timeshare scams existing within an over 80% consumer fraud-rate. 

Due to the current fate of Consumers in the troubled Timeshare Industry, there are realistic reasons to be skeptical of the timeshare aftermarket (see FTC InfoGraphic and TAF Infographic at the bottom of both of these link pages). Consumers have justifiable fears of how to properly sell a timeshare (many are valueless) or how to cancel a timeshare with a resolution that is safe & secure. Predators exploit these harsh market realities through the use of fear and high-pressure sales tactics.

Consumers in the timeshare aftermarket industry have lost hundreds of millions due to fraud-schemes and a wide variety of con-artist scams with misrepresented inducements based upon false promises—all designed to part Consumers from their money. Due to the alarming victimization rates (statistically high with Elderly Consumers), and the fact that Consumers are still not relieved of their ownership after losing their money, something BIG had to be done for Consumers to Fight Back!

Consumer Protectorates support our mission and the work of the The Abrams Firm that is the law firm that provides Front-Line Consumer Protections for timeshare owners—a highly victimized class—by its provision of 1-on-1 Consumer Lawyer low-cost services (NO upfront fees) to legally divest from a timeshare interest.

With Transparent Information comes Consumer Empowerment, so please protect yourself and help others you know and trust to find safe & secure methods of timeshare divestment. And, help our organization by reporting known and experienced fraud schemes, as well as by spreading the word to help affected timeshare owners.

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